Carbonated Soft Drink Filling

Carbonated Soft Drink Filling

It is the full automatic machine with CE certificate, made of stainless steel.filling the pet bottles from  0,25 lt till  2,5 lt with carbonated soft drink ,controlled by PLC . during the process the botlles transfer through their necks .


+It is possible to work with glass bottle in the same machine due to the fast and changable parts 


+ The energy consumption is minimum , single driving group fcontrolled  three functions  which installed on the single body that having minimum space.  It is easy to clean and maintenance.  


+ All parts contacting the product  is from crome- nickel stainless steel AISI 316, supportive groups AISI 304 and its plastic materials are convenient to food grade  


+ Our machines which have CE Certificates are in conformity with the European security standartds .


CSD  Rinsing Filling Capping  GRFC 16 – 24 – 65000 BPH / 0.5 LT
CSD Rinsing Filling Capping GRFC 24 – 36 – 89000 BPH / 0.5 LT
CSD Rinsing Filling CappingGRFC 48 – 72 – 2020.000 BPH / 0.5 LT


Rinses inside of bottles by spraying pressured sterile air, nitrogen or alcohol by turning them upside down 180°.

Premix Unit

İt mix syrup, water,co2 to prepare the final product

Consist of water tank  ,co2 water tank (colled water before let it absorb co2)  , syrup tank , final mixed product tank

(colled the product tank for filling )

Filling System
Makes filling by counter pressure system. with C.I.P. system, all surfaces that contact with product can be washed and sterilized.

Capping system
Screws caps come from cap lining chamber with adjustable pressure to bottles. lenght adjustment is available in the system.

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