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Fruit Juice Fillng

The nozzles structure is made to fill the fruit juice at 80-90 ° C. Also to cool the fruit juice the continuaslly circulated is provided .

Carbonated Soft Drink Filling

It is a CE certified, fully automated, made of stainless steel . machine that rinses 0,25 lt up to 2 lt PET or glass bottles and fills them with CSD product which comes from premix then closing them with screw caps, or crown caps… etc as optionally.

Water Filling

It is the full automatic machine with CE certificate, made of stainless steel, it is rinsing , filling the plastic bottles from 0,25 lt till 2 lt then closing them with diffrent types of caps according to the client request.

Edible Oile- Detergent Filling

Full automatic ,stainless steel machine cabable to fill pet / glass botlles with high viscosity liquids such as edible oil, juices , liquids as soap, shampoo, detergents.

P.C Bottles Filling

This machine provide perfect internal cleaning , filling , capping P.c bottles with out any overflows