Fruit Juice Fillng

Fruit Juice Fillng

The nozzles structure is made to fill the fruit juice at 80-90 ° C. Also to cool the fruit juice the continuaslly circulated is provided .

Twist Conveyor 

 To provide the caps sterilization this conveyor let the bottles  at horizontal case 90 ° and let them swing for 30 sec  to pass the juice temperature to the caps 

The lengthe of this conveyor is changable according to the capacity from 6 mt  up to 15 mt

Also it is suitable for all bottle size from 0,25 lt up to 1 lt  without any need to adjusting

 Cooling Tunnel 

 It is mesh belt tunnel  which cool  the hot filled bottles by splashing water (shower system )

The length of the tunnel is achanchable according the capacity from 7 mt  up to 15 mt

The  water circulation is made .

The belt  conveyor ‘entry and exit is suitable for bottles in all kinds of diameters and lengths.

 Accumulation Table 

 İt is automatic turnable table provide the accumulate and  allows the continuous flow of  the bottles to avoid any downtime of the line also to running smoothly and reliability

The input bottles select the edge way to go to out put of the table .during the cuumulate the spring which allocated in the middle of the table provide the space to the bottles and arrange their passing

 When the spring is released sends a pneumatic shock absorber outlet line around the table with bottles from tipping. This accumulation table  has  1.5 meters diameter so it is suitable for all bottle sizes without any adjustment.
Different capacities are available  according to the client demand & The varity of the products 

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