P.C Bottles Filling

P.C Bottles Filling

This machine provide perfect  internal cleaning , filling , capping P.c  bottles with out any overflows

All the surface which contact with water made off stainless steel AISI 316  ,with CE certificate

the process & process time controlled by PLC , through the display monitor you can enter the parameter and read error mesages

Washing Group :

Bottles feed is done in horizontal way, after that go through 16 ,20,30 internal washing stations (according to the client demmand ) as following : prewashing , wash with warm medicated water, ozonated water, disinfectant, ozonated water, washing is carried out in six stages, including the last rinse Filling Water.

+ The  discharge washing water of each stage go to lower tanks and the system prevent the washing water of each stage be mixed  

+Due to the structure of the machine  The washing process is done in closed area  with  fully sealed Windows

+ Through easy open covers , cleaning  the tanks will be done easily

+ Using hot water which heated by resistance or steam are made according to customer demand.

+the motion of the nozzles  in the medicated hot water washing stage  provide cleaning inside the bottle and reched to all parts inside   the bottles and cleaned it

+ After washing the inside and outside of the bottle it  return to the tank through a sieve.

İn the last stage of the internal washing stations  the botlles are rinsed by pressing the booster pump

and automatically transferred to the filling unit . Water goes directly into the pre-wash station in the station. Thus, water savings are done

Filling Unit 

 + P.C bottles upload as  Horizontal and automatically way to  Wash socket and cleaned  through 16 stations. 

+ The P.C bottles become upright position at the filling group and centrilized under filling nozzles

+Filling tank have 2 pumps (slow – fast ) so the filling is done and controlled without overflow

+Each nozlle have 3 actuators valves  controleed by PLC  and provide the filling without overflow (according to client demand it can be made flowcontrol system)

+The filler group has  glass covers so monitoring the process is availabele and this covers opened easily

+ that carry air to enter into the body to prevent the outside air that HEPA filter system has been positive.

+By applicate positive air through HEPA filtir system  , prevent  Dirt and micro-organisms to enter inside the machine

 Rotary and linear type is available

 Closing Unit 

 + the conveyor which stopped during filling will be move after fillng process is finished and let the bottles pass to the clouser unit

+ the orientor let the capps go through the rail  then it is taken from the channel by the end of the Bottles  

+ caps washed by ozonated water (O3) during their going to the bottles  

+ the  process is done in closed ares and untouched . the process & process time controlled by PLC , through the display monitor you can enter the parameter and read error mesages

Model  Capacity
Rinsing-Filling-Capping CPW-1 250 - 230
Rinsing-Filling-Capping CPW-2 450 - 430
Rinsing-Filling-Capping CPW-3 720 - 700
Rinsing-Filling-Capping CPW-4 960 - 900
Rinsing-Filling-Capping CPW-5 1200 - 1100
Rinsing-Filling-Capping CPW-7 1600 - 1500
Rinsing-Filling-Capping CPW-10 2400 - 2150
Rinsing-Filling-Capping CPW-10 -26 2000 - 2200

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