Fully automatic machine with elevator system machine that stacks plastic boxes, cardboard boxes or packages with products placed in,  also foil wrapped or unwrapped layers with the products placed on top of them. Layer numbers can be chosed on PLC.

 Operating System:

Pack sequences that  automatically prepared as a layer , get superimposed  on the platform  and transferred to the pallet that waiting at stacking unit.

The stripper (sweeper) that discends back of the packs puts the pack sequences  onto the pallet by backward movement of the platform. Platform hives each layer with same movement. As loaded pallet is removing out on the roller conveyor , the empty  one is taken automatically and is centered on stacking unit.


There are cushions that compresses the four edges of the dispersible packages on the platform.

Conversion station that located at the entrance of the feed conveyor turns the rectangular packages by 90° and increases the strength of the layers.

Apparatus that runs with vacuum puts carton seperators between package layers.

It can be worked with 1000x1200 mm and 800x1200 mm pallet sizes.

Maximum pallet  height is 1800 mm. One layer weight is maximum 250 kg.

Has safety system  with barriers.
Universal Palletizer With Servo Control EP 100  2000 packs / hour  24.000-30.000 BPH
Universal Palletizer With PLC Control for 5-10 lt EP 80  1,250 packs / hour 5000 BPH/5 LT
Depalletizer EDP 90   13.000-30.000 BPH