Edible Oile- Detergent Filling

Edible Oile- Detergent Filling

 Volumetric filling cylinders of filling group  moving via pistons and let the float level control in the tank sucking the liquid by vacuum through a three-way valve it filled the bottles

 The cylinder according to the type of liquid Prex glass, are made of transparent plastic or stainless steel. Piston pneumatic height adjustment, which requires different filling volumes and the filling height adjustment for different bottle height is easily done with motorized control from the PLC.

 The clouser also designed to abe able close the botlles with different types of caps screw ,snap on , push pull … etc

İf there is bottle it will close it by taking the cap from its rail and tight it to the neck

 Otherwise it is not release the cap

Volumetric Filling Capping BVFC 20-4 5.000 BPH - 1 lt.
Volumetric Filling Capping BVFC 40-8 12.000 BPH - 1 lt.
Volumetric  Rinsing Filling Capping  BVRFC 24-40-8 12.000 BPH - 1 lt.

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