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Accumulator Conveyor

As Label machine, shrink machine which needs regular bottles flow, bottles, accumulator conveyor provide feeding the bottles according to thier capacity. each row of the conveyor is made from stainless steel. it is multi rows systm operating at a different speeds .

Air Conveyor

İt provide the trasfering of the bottles which comming out of the blowers And the function is done by provide the bottle transfering from their neck records under the closed channel, by applying clean filtred air through the fans conveyors are made of stainless steel.

Pack Conveyor

Provide the tranfering Shrink-wrapped bottles were followed from the machines.

Telescopic Conveyor

Provide trasfering the 5 gallon Filled bottles which come out of the main machineand ready to be shipped So it can help it moving up into the truck by extending its length also it can be shortened again .Completely made of stainlesssteel